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Drum Press

KA-16-025 – Portable pneumo/hydraulic drum press with integrated oil reservoirs, yielding an overall footprint of only 3’4″ x 2’4″. Includes second hydraulic circuit for fast retract allowing for drum changes in less than a minute. Incorporates drum reinforcement shrouds and protection against torsion of pressure plate. All pneumatic controls with no electrical controls making it ideal for Class I, Div 1 environments.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 60PSIG, 20SCFM
  • Container Types: straight-walled drums
  • Safety Rating: Class 1, Div 1
  • Material Type: thick epoxy
  • Press Plate Type: single captive o-ring


  • Integrated Oil Reserves: dual 20 gallon tanks
  • Hydraulic Cylinder: 8″ bore
  • Intensifier Pump: 40:1 ratio (air/oil)
  • Pneumatic Input: 60 psi max
  • Hydraulic Output: 2400 psi max
by Kinesys Kinesys

Lift-to-Discharge Vessel Press

KA-16-006-16 – Kinesys Automation has introduced the most compact hydraulic vessel press in the industry. With an integrated oil tank and control system, this system is stand-alone and offers the freedom to position this unit without the clutter of tanks, pumps, hoses and plumbing lines obstructing access to its perimeter. Vessels are rolled into the press at floor height and guided into position with reinforced wheel guides. The hydraulically driven elevator platform then raises the vessel to a height that makes it convenient for transfer. Once at the discharge height, support pins with inter-locking safety switches lock the elevator platform into position and the overhead plate is lowered into the vessel to initiate discharge directly to a filler.


Machine Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC
  • Machine Length: 124 inches
  • Machine Width: 35 inches
  • Machine Height: 178 inches
  • Press Plate Style: single, non-captive o-ring
by Kinesys Kinesys

Ink Cartridge Filler

KA-16-013 – Highly automated universal cartridge filler for the ink industry to fill 4.4lb and 8lb cartridges by weight, and with minimal changeover time. It is universally adaptable to process a wide range of cartridge geometries, with toolless changeovers in 10 minutes or less. Fully automated design with built in flexibility to fill by weight and selectively spray cartridges (pre and post fill) with antioxidant. Equipped with a high volume cartridge hopper, a plunger accumulator for continuous and uninterrupted processing, and an integrated labeling station.


Line Configuration

  • Power: 460VAC, 80PSIG
  • Control System: Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • HMI: PanelView Compact 1000 Color Tough Screen
  • Containers: 4.4lb and 8lb cartridges
  • Max Throughput: 12 cartridges per minute

Filler Options

  • 5 Station Table: loading station, pre-fill antioxidant station, filling station, post-fill antioxidant station, plunger insertion station
  • Filling Type: net-weigh (gravimetric)
  • Valve Type: servo drive, bottom-up cone valve
  • Cartridge Hopper: supports up to 400 cartridges
  • Plunger Accumulator: 10 ft long, 1.75 in wide

Press Options

  • Lift-to-Discharge Height: Vessel lifted to 44″ discharge height
  • Non-Captive O-ring
  • Safety Interlock Guards: Front & rear access doors with interlocks to emergency stop circuit
  • Integrated Hydraulic System: 3,000 PSI maximum hydraulic pressure